Welcome to LaurelWind Cavaliers!  We are a small show home and hobby breeder of quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  We specialize in two of the four Cavalier colors:  Tricolor and Blenheim.  We are located on Johns Island, South Carolina - just outside of Charleston.  Our approach is to keep our kennel very small, breed only occasionally and for ourselves in the hopes we might have a show quality puppy.   All puppies are Best in Show puppies...until they aren't, and those are the puppies that I will place in wonderful pet homes.   We follow all of the strict protocols for health testing, proper prenatal care and rigorous puppy healthcare so that we can produce not only beautiful puppies, but healthy, happy and gentle Cavalier puppies every time we breed a litter.  Since many of our puppies are not destined for the show ring, many become lovely pets, differing from the show dogs by some small detail.  All of our dogs are raised in our home, are not kenneled and are 24/7 members of the family.  We hope you enjoy our site, and our precious Cavaliers!

Our News

Update to 2021 Breeding Plans 

Hi all;  Its July and we have our second litter of the year on the ground now.  They are 8 weeks - 6 beautiful tricolor puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls.  Most are committed to wonderful families who have been waiting for a long time for a puppy.  This was my second litter this year - started in January with our first breeding and these puppies from the second litter will go home in mid-August.  I'm not sure if I will do another litter this year or not, as I'm looking forward to a few months where I can sleep through the night, am not supplementing puppies every two hours, picking up puppy poo and washing puppy pads all day.  I think I'll make a final decision in September.  If I do take a break, I will have my next litter in Spring of 2022. Have not picked a sire yet, so don't know if it will be a Blenheim or Tri litter.  I'll keep you all posted in the meantime.

Our Breeding Plan for 2021 

There has been a real shortage of Cavalier puppies born this year by responsible show breeders due to COVID-19 and the impact it has had on the dog show circuit.  I have inquiries almost every day about available puppies. I've thought about this quite a lot, as many inquiries are from families who've lost their dog and who are looking to add one of these wonderful pets to their household.  I expect to have three litters this year to try to help these families while I continue my program to breed my next show puppy. If you'd like me to alert you when I have a litter on the way or on the ground, please see my Contact Us page and select "Add Me to the Mailing List" on the form.  I will only send out notifications when there is real litter news.

Puppies on the Way 

We are happy to report that we will have some puppies in early February, 2020 - we expect that they will be both Tricolor and Blenheim puppies.  We are hojping for a nice show puppy in this litter, but all others will be available as pets.  Let me know if you are interested!  

Gigi's Done It Again!! 

We were not sure if this was going to work or not this time...there were a few challenging moments....but it DID work and we have about five or six puppies on the way.  Gigi was bred to a lovely Blenheim boy from Shreveport.  We have high hopes for a show puppy from this litter, which will be both tricolor and Blenheim puppies.   But, its not likely that all of the pups will be show puppies, so if you have an interest in a beautiful pet, let me know.  

Gigi's Sweet Babies! 

Gigi is our sweet girl at home, and she's had two lovely puppies out of Verheyen Jared, a beautiful boy from England and an AKC Champion.  We love these little boys!  We are going to run one on to see if he is going to be a show dog,  but his sweet and gentle brother is looking for his new family!  Let me know if you would like to know more about this sweet three-month old puppy!